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          Shenyang Yichuan Science & Technology Co., LTD

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          Auto Parts Automatic Assembly Equipment


          Professional development and manufacturing of automotive starters, generators, seat belts, glass lift switches, headlight combination switches, compressors, ERG valves, fuel pumps and other automated production equipment.

          Precision electronic automatic assembly equipment


          Yichuan specialized in R& D and manuafacturing precision assembly equipment in areas of micro motors , micro cooling fans , micro switches,electric switches/sockets/plugs , terminal blocks and etc.

          Industrial robot


          R&D 4 and 6 axis industrial robots, and provide users with high quality professional services, and ultimately create win-win cooperation with customers and partners.

          New energy vehicle lithium battery automatic

          assembly equipment


          Professional R & D and production of aluminum shell, soft package, cylindrical power battery automation production equipment, power battery module, Pack automation assembly line, and aluminum shell, soft package battery automatic assembly line, soft package secondary packaging production line, automatic OCV sorting (group) machine.

          Medical device automatic assembly equipment


          Professional development and manufacturing of various types of medical equipment assembly equipment.

          Other non-standard automatic

          assembly equipment


          Supplying automation equipment, such as screw locking machine, tapping machine, riveting silver machine and so on.