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          Shenyang Yichuan Science & Technology Co., LTD

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          ICP備16007083號   Powered by :300.cn Shenyang

          - 客戶服務-


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          To society:

          We pay attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, visit poor areas every year to solve practical problems .


          To staff:

          We integrate internal training and external training together,adopt mentoring system when new employees take part in , to improve overall skills and quality of our staff with board promotion and development space for all members.

          Technology development and application

          To Understand the development trend of the world's industry and strive to lead the technological trend in the same industry,which is the foundation of Yichuan's achievement. In order to continuously improve its technical capabilities,Yichuan has opened up its mind and formed strategic partnerships with foreign counterparts, and established a cooperative relationship with domestic universities and colleges.


          Our mission

          Yichun always keep the profession ,carefulness and responsibility in mind .Our mission is to solve the problems for customers in realization of automated production.


          Promotion Platform

          With excellent moral and professional competence ,Yichuan will make your dream come ture .


          To society

          We contribute to promote the harmony and development of society. Education is the foundation of social development. Yichuan visit poor areas eah year and help lots of family difficulties’ students return to school, and we tried to pass on this love from generation to generation.