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          This morning, the weather in Shenyang is sunny and the sky is very sunny. For the friends of Group A of the Yichuan assembly project, today's mood is also very beautiful. Because everyone worked hard for two or three months, the two auto seat belt production line automation equipment can finally go to Shenyang and ship to customers today.
          Yicheng staff put the packaged machine on the loading
          Yicheng Yuan Zhenhai, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that the sales service and design of the equipment were carried out by the team of Yicheng Subsidiary Shenyang Yichuan Technology, and the assembly task was completed by the team of Dongguan Yicheng Headquarters. It can be said that this order is the result of the cooperation between Dongguan Yicheng Headquarters and Yicheng Subsidiary Shenyang Yichuan Technology. It perfectly explains the development strategy of Yicheng becoming stronger and bigger and providing customers with high quality and fast service.

          The brothers work together and the machine is safely on board.

          Wang Liuxiao, project manager of assembly project A, said that we have produced a small equipment for this customer last year. Although the order is small, we still create it with great care. The high-quality products have won high praise and trust from customers, and won this big Order. Speaking with strength is the fine tradition of our sincerity. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of Yicheng, efficiency, and excellence, and complete the automation equipment assembly tasks of the other five production lines of our customers on time and in quality.